The Sapodilla Bay - Caribbean

A gorgeous white sand beach , charming Eco - friendly atmosphere

AMELIA welcomes you to a world where nature awakens new senses

a UNESCO World Heritage site

WHEN luxury comfort is perfectly balanced with eco-consciousness biosphere reserve

the most breathtaking beach anywhere in the world

Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime at this exquisite residence in the authentic Mexican Caribbean!

Nowhere is this more evident than at Sapodilla Bay. Situated on the south side of the island, the Sapodilla Bay area is nestled between the azure waters of the Atlantic and a beautiful blue lagoon, the Chalk Sound.
The Sapodilla Bay Beach offers white sugar sand near gin clear turquoise waters. The beach consists of tiny bits of shells and coral with no soil, clay or sediment that may be found elsewhere, resulting in soft, clean sand


AMELIA is tucked away from the trodden touristic attractions

Since there is no grid on the reserve, the sun, wind and rain create the energy needed to provide guests modern conveniences while still being immersed in nature..

Nearby activities include fly fishing, scuba diving, kite boarding, tennis, golf and local excursions. This trip will surely be one for the books!

live your dream in Caribbean